Hamppumaa (Hemp Land)

The pioneer in the Finnish hemp industry since 2014

We believe that growing hemp, developing better hemp products and disseminating information about the benefits of hemp will enable both nature and people to move towards more sustainable well-being.

We believe that sustainable well-being arises from many small everyday solutions and attitudes. That is why in every moment we choose to respect and listen to the needs of both people and nature. We work dynamically, inspired and with tremendous love for our cause. Encouraging community is important to us and we dream of a holistic sustainable welfare culture.

We are Hamppumaa – for sustainable well-being.

As our French friends say:


People should have the right to feed themselves with the world’s oldest useful plant and to medicate themselves with the world’s oldest herb. Even today, representatives of certain industries are trying to prevent the people from enjoying these rights. Laws that guide customers in the pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, most recently novel food regulations targeting humanity’s oldest useful plant, prevent the nation from creating sustainable well-being for themselves. If you, too, think this exploitation of well-being must end, subscribe to the newsletter and join the well-being revolutionary fighters!

Cannabis: The truth liberates

Hemp and cannabis are basically the same thing. Cannabis is a well-established word for a variety of varieties with intoxicating properties, while hemp is an industrial variety of hemp. However, both are plants of the same Cannabis genus and therefore the same thing.

Cannabis is the most versatile useful plant in the world, also with significant medicinal effects. This is not an opinion, but a fact proven by numerous studies. For thousands of years, cannabis provided people with food, shelter, medicine and energy – until it was criminalized by the white ruling elite for racism and to give their nature-polluting industries virtually exclusive rights to the oil, textile and paper markets.